B i o g r a p h y

Ferium are:

Tiran Ezra             - Vocals

Guy Goldenberg  - Guitars

Elram Boxer          - Guitars \ Back Vocals

Ron Amar             - Drums

Yoni Biton             - Bass


The past year saw the band sign with "The Flaming Arts" & "ProgStage Productions" starting off with a first effort to open for "Gojira" in August in Israel.

Later in October 2013 the band went on their first European Tour supporting acts such as, The Agonist, Threat Signal, Mors Principium Est and Dawn Heist -

With the help of Jon Knight's development program through "The Flaming Arts".

After a successful tour, the band returned to Israel highly motivated, with a wider fan-base and a clear vision about what the band has to do.

December saw the band sign for a Distribution deal with the UK housed agency "Transcend Music", we see this as start of a great partnership, and cannot wait to express ourselves with "Transcend" over our heads.



"Ferium" now, Is a full-functioning well oiled 5-piece Aggressive Metal band from Israel.

The band's debut album "Reflections", is 100% ready to hit shelves around the world this upcoming Spring,

with the help of Eliran Kantor's astonishing visual work (Hatebreed, Atheist, Sodom etc.)

And Elram Boxer's ruthless and organic unique mix.



This is the final stepping stone for "Reflections" and the first step for us to establish ourselves in the world's vast ocean of metal today.